Pago por trasferencia bancaria

Bank WireTransfer


This form of payment delays the delivery until we have received payment confirmation from our bank.


It is very important indicate as Concept, the order number. It will facilitate we can locate the payment faster and associate it to the order. If you do not put it, we will have to do a manual track that will delay much more and perhaps we will be unable to guess which order corresponds. All this will delay the delivery time of your order. If you forgot to do it, nevertheless, it has arrangement. Please sends us a message to the attention of our sales department with a copy of your purchase order, the receipt of the bank wire transfer and will tell you what do to resolve it.


Please, Keep the receipt of the bank wire transfer for some days and the purchase order because it will be useful in case you forgot to put it when you made the transfer.


Please, take into account that transfers between banks can take until two working days (Neither weekends nor festive) plus the time we need to verify the payment. We will send you an email of warning once have confirmed the payment.


This way of payment does not comport management expenses.




 Pago por tarjeta de crédito

Bank cards


We admit the majority of debit and credit cards via the payment gateway Redsys and through Paypal.


It is available for all countries.


This way of payment does not comport management expenses. +info



 Pago por Iupay



It is a payment platform similar to Paypal very used Spain. Iupay offers you the possibility to save in your wallet so many cards as you wish, delay payments, obtain finance with your bank and consult on line the transactions you have made with your cards.


Majority banks in Spain work with this platform. +info


This way of payment does not comport management expenses.



 Pago por Paypal



It is a payment platform very used in internet. It allows to make your payments charging them to your bank cards or to your bank account directly.


It is available for all the countries.


This way of payment comports some management expenses. It has an extra cost of 3.4% on the amount of your purchase plus a fixed cost of 0,35 € by transaction+info




 Paga mas Tarde

Pay +Late™


This platform allows you to delay your payment several months via your bank card, between a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.


It is available only for Spanish Citizens or Spain Bank Cards.


This Way of payment comports some expenses that will be indicated depends on your choices when you realize the purchase+info